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A well-established small city just northwest of Long Beach, Cypress is comprised of spacious housing developments dating as far back as the 1950s. Cypress' long history as an agricultural area has also afforded a number of historical sites, including Cypress Elementary School, originally built in 1895, where rows of cypress trees planted to protect the school from seasonal Santa Ana winds became the community's namesake. Cypress's careful development, generous green space, and convenient central location within easy reach of myriad amenities and services have made it one of the most livable communities in the Los Angeles area.

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Cypress real estate includes many distinct residential areas, with a wide variety of homes in the median to semi-luxury price range. Some of the city's more prominent housing tracts are as follows: The Larwin tract, conveniently located just off Valley View and Chapman; Palm Park, next to Cypress College; Cypress Village, located at Katella and Knott; Acadia Heights, situated at Crescent and Moody; Lake Park, found at Bloomfield and Cerritos; Green Brook, located at Denni and Orange; Brentwood, found within the city at Moody and Ball; Summerset, which has been developed at Moody and Orange; Sorrento, situated at Ball and Moody; and Tanglewood, which is located at Bloomfield and Ball, and includes a range of spacious one and two level units.

Cypress was originally nicknamed "Waterville" due to the abundance of artesian wells in the area, but was incorporated as Dairy City in 1956 by local dairy farmers. As residential development spread throughout the Cypress real estate area, local citizens voted to change the name to Cypress. Today Cypress is considered a desireable suburb of Long Beach, and is home a number of resident industries.

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