Honolulu Real Estate

The statistics reported by the Honolulu Board of REALTORSĀ® in 2006 reveal a market with a little less activity, but with even greater prices on single-family homes and condos. Indeed, the Honolulu real estate market seems poised to continue its headlong rush, even after the rest of the nation's housing market settles down to a more balanced state.

Honolulu real estate enjoys this special status because it's in such a highly desirable, beautiful location. Where else can American residents enjoy stunning views of lush jungle mountainsides falling down to crystal blue waters? Hawaii offers a premier lifestyle for beach-bums and adventurers alike. Oahu's terrain in particular has a diverse collection of broad beaches, sculpted mountains, and cool bays.

Honolulu Condos

The Oahu condominium market has also seen growth. More Honolulu condos are being built, they're selling faster, and their prices are getting more reasonable. We are knee-deep in the Honolulu condo market, so if you'd like to sink your teeth into a market with guaranteed appreciation and a fantastic location, contact us right away.

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Honolulu Neighborhoods

Here is a list of some of the areas of Honolulu, so you won't be blind when you see these names on listings. We've organized them in descending order of proximity to downtown:

Downtown - This is where you'll find the modern cityscape, where skyscrapers shade the ethnic character of the streets below.

Kakaako - Kakaako is beleaguered with the leftovers of a more industrial past, but its location has prompted local developers and politicians to imagine its potential. Watch for big things happening in "the new heart of Honolulu".

Makiki - Makiki is the neighborhood of choice for those who are willing to trade waterfront privileges for peace and quiet. Just a couple miles from downtown Honolulu, Makiki occupies the space between downtown and Mt Tantalus, so residents have two very different worlds within five minutes in either direction.

Ala Moana - The luxurious waterfront between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki, Ala Moana is the site of the famous Ala Moana Beach Park, where swimmers and surfers enjoy the luxurious waters usually associated with Hawaii.

Kapiolani - Just inland from Ala Moana and Waikiki, Kapiolani is in a convenient place for its residents to enjoy quick access to the beaches and mountains and downtown, from within the solitude of a residential street network.

Waikiki - Separated from the rest of Honolulu by the Ala Wai Canal, Waikiki is the luxurious tourist mecca that many people envision when they think "Hawaii". Once the playground of the native royalty, Waikiki's beach now houses a multitude of condos and hotels, though these tend to be set back from the beach itself. Waikiki is divided into three parts: East, West, and Central.

Diamond Head - This is Hawaii's "Gold Coast", named for the extremely valuable real estate around Diamond Head. There are unobstructed views, oceanfront properties, and of course residents are within spitting distance of both the Diamond Head Crater and Kapiolani Park.